fredag 21 april 2017

Lite om revolutionen

Bildlänk från Rare Historical Photos.

När jag bildgooglade efter bilder på hur det kunde se ut på gatorna under de sista veckorna vi bodde i Rumänien hittade jag denna intressanta sajt, Rare Historical Photos. Där finns ett avsnitt om revolutionen i Rumänien och i en passage hittade jag en referens till hatet mot ungrarna som underblåstes av regeringen:

The Romanian Revolution was swifter and more violent than the other Eastern Bloc revolutions of 1989. It began on December 15 in Timisoara, when demonstrations support of dissident Hungarian priest Lazlo Tokes rapidly fomented widespread protest. Since Romania did not have riot police (Ceausescu, who genuinely believed that the Romanian people loved him, never saw the need for them), the military were sent in to control the riots because the situation was too large for the Securitate and conventional police to handle. However, the chief of minister of defense, sent soldiers in without live ammunition. The army failed to establish order.
The next day, trains loaded with workers originating from factories in the South arrived. The regime was attempting to use them to repress the mass protests, but after a brief encounter they ended up joining the protests. One worker explained: “Yesterday, our factory boss and a Party official rounded us up in the yard, handed us wooden clubs and told us that Hungarians and hooligans were devastating Timișoara and that it is our duty to go there and help crush the riots. But I realized that wasn’t the truth”.

Sanningen är att rumänska gruvarbetare vid flera tillfällen bussades till städerna för att slå på ungrare men även den nya regimens påstådda fiender, även den första tiden efter revolutionen. Flera makthavare utnyttjade de lågutbildade gruvarbetarna för att stärka sina positioner. Ni kan läsa mer om dessa händelser här:

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